Additional Assistance Available

We received this message this afternoon from Dr. Michael Famiano in the Physics Department offering further assistance to our students:

Hello! I see that you have received some statements from students on your page – students in need of items. Perhaps I can help.

I can tell you about a project several friends and I have been working on for several years now. We are creating a transitional housing project for adults who have graduated out of the foster care system (and suddenly find themselves homeless). It’s been slow going, and we are still in the process of organizing ourselves into a 501(c)(3). Our website is still under development, but we hope to finish that soon.

However, with the state lockdown, we are currently and temporarily focusing our efforts on bringing food, meals, and “care packages” to students who may need them – especially off-campus students, or students who may just need some encouragement. We are cooking and delivering (taking great care to avoid contact, of course!). It keeps us busy at night when we’ve had enough work. We have a small list of students we are helping right now, but if there are additional students that you are aware of who we can help, that would be great!

Also, in a pinch, we can offer temporary housing to students if necessary.

Feel free to call or text. My number is 608-425-0767.

My team and I can mobilize pretty quickly, and we are ramping up fast. We are very happy to help!

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