Less Income, Greater Liabilities

Utility bills don’t go down in proportion to the number of people living in the same space. One student is staying chilly this spring:

I guess my story is that I work two jobs, one at the CELCIS office as a student office assistant and the other as a student ambassador (aka campus tour guide). I used the money I made from these part-time jobs to pay for my utilities, house supplies, and for my groceries. Since my roommates left for their home, I have turned off my air conditioning/heating and unplugged anything that wasn’t being used so that my utilities can be as cheap as possible. I am responsible for finding my own cleaning supplies, toilet paper, and food. I live on campus in the apartments, and I have a meal plan, but the variety of food offered to me has been greatly diminished.

Staff and student workers, share your stories with us! The better we understand needs, the better we’ll be able to help.

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