What’s Next for our Applicants

Hi folks! Dr. E here.

After today’s update that was primarily targeted toward our current and prospective donors, I wanted to give everyone who has requested assistance an update on what happens next.

Applicants who completed the first version of our form will be contacted first, which will take a day or two because, in my haste to get the form live, I completely spaced on including a field for your email address. I’ll be calling applicants in order of their application time and requesting some additional information that’s outlined on our Application Process page. If you receive a call from a number with a Little Rock, Arkansas (501) area code, it’s not spam, I just don’t have a Michigan cell number yet! If you applied in the first few days of the fund and want to reach out instead of waiting on a phone call, you can email us directly at wmusolidarityfund@gmail.com with your WIN, information on your Invisible Need Student Emergency Relief Fund status, and copies of your current bills (we only need these for need verification and IRS disaster relief compliance purposes). You only need to provide bills totaling $100 or more to receive our maximum regular award.

If you’ve requested help with urgently needed medication, we’ll get some additional documentation from you as well, though those expenses will be on a case-by-case basis and will require board approval.

If you applied online in the updated version of the form (available since Saturday evening), you’ll receive a follow-up email once the first set of applications have been processed.

Once we’ve confirmed all of your information and your eligibility, we’ll send you a “vendor request” through bill.com. You’ll be asked to provide your personal and banking information as well as your Social Security Number because of federal money-laundering regulations. Once you complete your profile and we receive notification that you’ve set up your banking information, we can process a bank transfer so that your aid award will be directly deposited into your checking account. This solution may be problematic for international students if the system does not accept ID numbers for non-US citizens. If you aren’t able to complete registration because of this issue or a lack of access to banking services, let us know and we will make arrangements to bring a physical Visa gift card to you.

Thanks for your patience. It’s only been a week since we incorporated and six days since we started raising money, but it’s also been a very frightening and anxiety-riddled week for all of you.

Stay safe and healthy!


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