What’s Next for our Applicants

Hi folks! Dr. E here. After today’s update that was primarily targeted toward our current and prospective donors, I wanted to give everyone who has requested assistance an update on what happens next. Applicants who completed the first version of our form will be contacted first, which will take a day or two because, inContinue reading “What’s Next for our Applicants”

Thank You! – and Some Updates

From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU!!! We are amazed and humbled by the outpouring of support that we’ve seen in the past few days from the WMU community. In under a week, you have contributed over $20,000 to support our affected employees and students! However, the assistance requests we’ve received far outpace ourContinue reading “Thank You! – and Some Updates”

Guest Post: Blunt Talk from a Student Reviewer

Below is a post from one of our student aid request reviewers, who is obviously less than pleased with the state of things lately. “I am a WMU student and a part-time employee of the Theatre Department. Like most other student workers, I have been brought down to zero hours as of March 20. IContinue reading “Guest Post: Blunt Talk from a Student Reviewer”

Less Income, Greater Liabilities

Utility bills don’t go down in proportion to the number of people living in the same space. One student is staying chilly this spring: I guess my story is that I work two jobs, one at the CELCIS office as a student office assistant and the other as a student ambassador (aka campus tour guide).Continue reading “Less Income, Greater Liabilities”